Plumbing and Remodeling Affiliations

At Terrano Plumbing and Remodeling we are committed to the plumbing and remodeling industry. Our commitment to providing excellent full service plumbing for our clients in the South Florida area is first and foremost. In support of these principles we are actively involved in the following professional organizations:

Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association Water Use It Wisely Green Plumbers Better Business Bureau
EPA Water Sense Partner Angie's List EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm



Course Course Information
Climate Care Comprehensive instruction on Climate Care including gas emissions in home and business.
Topics covered include:
· Hot water heating
· Energy consumption
· Heating appliances
· Cooling appliances
Caring for Our Water Caring For Our Water by understanding the water cycle process and the new technologies
and behaviors that contribute to increased conservation. Topics covered include:
· Water Efficient Products
· New Technology
· Reducing Household Water Consumption
· Storm Water runoff pollution and prevention
· Introduction to household water audits
Solar Hot Water New Solar Hot Water technologies instruction including:
· Solar Hot Water Technology
· Rebate information
· Retro-fit sizing and installation
· New Technology
Water Efficient Technology An overview of the dynamic technologies that will shape future conservation efforts,
Water Efficient Technology includes:
· Recycled Water
· Rain Water
· Graywater
· Septic Tanks/Wastewater Treatment Systems
· Environmental/Public Health/Safety Regulations
Inspection Report Services Inspection Report Services is an overview of domestic and commercial water auditing,
inspections and reporting, assessment and strategies, including:
· Water and Energy Audits
· Commercial / Industrial and Residential Buildings
· Creating a Master Plan for Future Improvements