Professional Leak Detection Specialists

Leak Detection SpecialistsTerrano Plumbing and Remodeling is your leak detection specialist.

At Terrano Plumbing and Remodeling we offer electronic leak detection to our clients. This is the latest technology to find hidden leaks in walls and slabs. When you contract with Terrano Plumbing and Remodeling you can feel confident that you are hiring a Licensed Professional who is up to date on the latest technology, proper training, and employs qualified personal to provide quality service to our clients. If our clients require a re-pipe you can rest assure that you are in good hands. We are a Plumbing & Remodeling firm and we will treat your home like it was our own! You also have peace of mind knowing we are fully licensed and insured and we guarantee our work!

There are a couple of ways to locate a slab leak. We have the thermal imaging equipment available and also have electronic leak detection available. The electronic leak detection will be best to pinpoint a slab leak providing the pipes are not sleeved underground in the slab. The first process is called Water Leak Isolation. First the water system is turned off at the meter and we try to determine the location of the leak under the slab.

Once the water lines are located, we use a special listening device to listen for air escaping from the pipe, to pinpoint the location of the leak. It is important to note here, that when locating a water leak, it is only possible to find one water leak at a time, once a leak is located, that leak must be repaired and another test performed to verify there are no further leaks.

In some cases its best to re-pipe. This method is a permanent fix to the slab leak problem as all soft copper piping under the concrete slab is completely abandoned. This method also requires removing small sections of drywall at several fixture locations and possibly some ceiling locations to install all new hot and cold water lines. Starting at the water heater location and continuing throughout the residence, new hot and cold water lines are installed within the wall and ceiling cavities as necessary to provide a new hot and cold service feed to a fixture or group of fixtures. This method normally requires several days to complete as the drywall must be replaced, taped, textured and repainted after the re-piping is completed.

If you want more information or to request a service appointment, contact a Licensed Leak Detection Professional at Terrano Plumbing and Remodeling today!