Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair

Garbage Disposal InstallationTerrano Plumbing and Remodeling is your Garbage Disposal Professional.

At Terrano Plumbing & Remodeling we install InSinkErator® garbage disposals and service all brands of disposals and food grinders. In Sink Erator is the leader in the industry when it comes to garbage disposal and food grinders.

InSinkErator® food waste disposers are a reliable and functional choice when affordability is the prime concern. Choose from three models, each with a space-saving compact design.

With an InSinkErator® food waste disposer in your kitchen, chicken bones, fruit rinds, coffee grounds and more can go right in the sink — where they’re virtually liquefied to safely flow into your sewage system or septic tank. You’ll enjoy a cleaner food preparation area, and less bagged garbage cluttering your home.

Food waste disposers provide an environmentally responsible alternative to transporting food waste to landfills. And they can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At capable wastewater treatment plants, food waste can be converted to biosolids and used as fertilizer. Capable plants can also capture methane gas and recycle it as an energy source. Learn more about disposers and the environment.

What’s more, if you’ve never owned a food waste disposer, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. InSinkErator® disposers are economical to operate: in fact, they’re among the least expensive installed kitchen appliances.

Ready to learn more? Contact a licensed garbage disposal installer at Terrano Plumbing and Remodeling today for installation or servicing of your garbage disposal or food grinder!