Showering & Temperature

We all have small habits that can ultimately cause problems down the line without even knowing, in this case, it can affect your plumbing. The way we get ready every morning can have a big effect on our plumbing system. So, what are those things we do that can cause underlying issues in the future? See below some of those reasons:


A long shower creates the perfect environment for the growth of mold in your shower and bathroom. To help combat this, use proper ventilation to eliminate humidity. Keep a window or bathroom door open. Run the bathroom fan. Even better, limit the time you take your shower to less than ten minutes and resist the temptation to use hot water. Moderately warm water is better.

Adults & Children will suffer third-degree burns if exposed to 150-degree water for one second. Burns will also occur with a six-second exposure to 140 degree. Even if the temperature is 120 degrees, a five-minute exposure could result in third-degree burns. Manufacturer’s recommended temperature is 120 Degrees and mix with cold water. Always test the water before bathing your children, test with a thermometer, if no thermometer is available test the water with your elbow and it should be warm not hot.

Leaving Your Loofah in the Shower

This seemingly innocent habit of leaving your loofah in the shower is a bad idea for the same reasons discussed above. The moist and warm environment is perfect for the growth of bacteria and that loofah is a great little home for their growth. Even worse is when we rub the loofah on our skin. It is somewhat counterproductive to take a shower only to leave with more bacteria on ourselves! It is best to take your loofah with you when you finish your shower. Wring it dry and store in a dry place until next time. Wash the loofah with anti-bacterial soap to ensure it’s clean and free of bacteria.

Soap Scum & Hair

One of the things that can cause your plumbing system to drain slowly is hair and soap scum. Hair and soap scum accumulates over time resulting in a shower that drains slowly.  Remove hair around the drain cover and call a license plumber when you notice your shower is draining slowly. If you notice it early and address the issue the cost will be minimum then having a whole hose blockage. 

Leaving Water on the Floor

This one seems pretty self-explanatory, right? We would never leave water sitting on the floor of our kitchen, but for some reason, we are more apt to ignore the same in our bathroom when we leave after our shower. Double check to make sure there is no standing water outside the shower on the bathroom floor. Use a shower mat to collect excess moisture. Leaving water in the bathroom can cause damage in a variety of ways. It can destroy grout, warp the floor if its wood and cause the growth of mold.

Ignoring Hard Water Build-Up

Hard water is present in Florida unless you have a water softener or filtration system. That dry, flaky substance around the nozzles is the residue left over from hard water. There are many ways to address this issue of hard water one is a filtration or a softener. 

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